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I'm an entrepreneur minded individual with real estate skills. Commercial and residential!

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The Rule of 72 - Tips on Investing

Ever heard of the Rule of 72?  This one is great to put investments into perspective. Grab your calculator and follow along....Say you have an investment that is growing at x%; for

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"Active Option" means...

I often get asked...."Why does this listing state Active Option?"It means there is a contract on the home and they are in the option period. It’s still active because the seller MAY allow us

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What is a capitalization rate?

Commercial Real Estate Know-HowWhat is a capitalization rate?A capitalization rate is the ratio of a commercial property's annual net operating income to its purchase price. It's typically

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Some Handy Quick Links that can help you find a great deal in San Antonio, TX

Here are some "QUICK LINKS" that show you some Opportunities in San Antonio, TX. If you are looking for a great deal on in SA, be sure to bookmark this page... it updates automatically

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